The great homecoming

Posted on: 27 April 2021

Initial lockdown in Spain.

There once was a time
When death swept across all the lands

Through vast decimated forests
Ravaged wastelands, weeping rivers
And wild, raging seas

Offices lay abandoned
Streets emptied
Children hurried home

All the people of the village
Became still

Behind closed doors
Hearts broke open

All of the unmet longings arose to be seen
Their stories finally heard

For many it was a time of great despair

Of death
And unimaginable

For others a time of remembrance

Time became timeless

And as the animals became closer
We watched in awe as dew-kissed petals
Unfurled in the morning sun

In the great homecoming

We remembered how to tend
To hearth and home

Discovering we were all artists
Poets, lovers and dreamers

We came to know that at the final altar
We are all equal

We learned to live our lives
Laced with death in every moment

And in those moments

We danced, sang, screamed
Sobbed and imagined…

But most of all

The gift of our aliveness
Once more.

The great homecoming

Sam Lacey