Wild-crafted herbal remedies and ferments created with love here in la Alpujarra.


Some years ago, after arriving in Spain, I was fortunate enough to complete a 9-month herbal apprenticeship with wise woman and experienced herbalist Amanda Rayment. She instils the philosophy of there being ‘a herbalist in every home and a practitioner in every town’. As a result of my time with Amanda I sometimes refer to myself as a ‘Home Herbalist’ or better still a ‘Kitchen Cupboard Herbalist’. I am not a medicinal herbalist and so do not offer herbal consultations. But if this is something you are looking for then please ask as I am connected to a number of wonderful practitioners in the area.

Infused oil imageThrough an evolving process of study and practice I have seen time and time again how many simple conditions can be treated with remedies we create ourselves from seemingly humble, easily available wild plants and foods we might find growing close to our homes. My relationship with the plants and my body has led this unfolding journey of discovery and I prefer to know a few local plants intimately rather than knowing a little about many. This integrated approach now forms the backbone of my work with young people here in la Alpujarra.

As a by-product of teaching, I am often making fermented foods and small batches of wild-crafted herbal remedies. Together with friends, neighbours and students we have also created a small community medicine garden in the village as a resource for teaching and to provide better access to herbs which need irrigation to grow well in this climate.

All plants are either wild-harvested or organically grown in our community garden and are gathered with a deep sense of reverence and gratitude. The remedies are all handmade with great care, love and presence.

Elderberry oxymel Generally, I gift or exchange remedies and ferments with friends and neighbours but sometimes there is surplus available to buy locally. I sell once a month at the market in Cadiar otherwise it’s possible to email me for more information about the small range of balms, tinctures, oxymels and ferments available.

I also offer massage from my home in Bayacas where, due to my concerns about sustainability, I am gradually transitioning away from using essential oils to using homemade infused oils where appropriate.



The market in Cadiar is monthly and held on the last Saturday of every month between 10am and 2pm. I share a stall with an experienced local organic grower and often we also have plants and seeds for sale alongside the ferments and remedies. We hope to you there!


Sam Lacey