The invitation

Live-in opportunity for young people in southern Spain

The invitation

A unique opportunity, open to young people between the age of 20-30 years, with an interest in permaculture and regenerative wellbeing. Young people with the desire to empower themselves and their communities through reclaiming an array of regenerative practices to support wellbeing and cultivate resilience. Live and learn alongside me as we discover wild plants, fermentation, medicine making, healing, creativity and community.

During our time together you can expect to explore:

  • Sustainable harvesting of local wild herbs and edibles
  • How to make herbal oils, balms, tinctures and teas
  • Fermentation of vegetables and drinks, such as Kombucha and learn about the importance of restoring microbial diversity in our bodies and our soils
  • How nature’s cycles relate to the regenarative process and support us in our journey of wellbeing and wholeness
  • Nature connection practices to cultivate connection, land-based deep listening and learning
  • Using nature connection to facilitate greater community cohesion and resilience
  • Working together in the village community garden

And SO much more!

Depending on the season and the length of your stay, there will also be the opportunity to engage with other nature-based community projects locally and to spend time with other like-minded people in the area. Depending on the length of stay, for those interested in working therapeutically, I can also offer a hands-on introduction to massage.

You will have your own space and time to relax, create and explore in between activities. This is not a work exchange but you will be required to help with some basic tasks such as cooking, watering, harvesting and washing up to help maintain the flow of the household.

In each season, nature offers us the medicine we need to life in a healthy, connected and regenerative way.

I offer this opportunity on a cost-only basis and ask for a donation of 125€ a week to cover rent and an abundance of nutritious, organic vegetarian food throughout your stay. This cost also includes collection/drop-off to/from the local town of Órgiva.

Being here has reminded me what truly matters. Shining light on the beauty of simplicity, connection and awareness. I am now living with a greater sense of clarity, an inspired mind and a fuller heart.


The invitation is to young people, aged 20-30 who have or are keen to cultivate an interest in regenerative wellbeing. Come and be part of the change we need to see in the world.

The invitation

The length of stay will be determined following a discovery call to learn more about your situation, areas of interest and priority will be given to folks travelling overland. Minimum stay two weeks.

This invitation is now open for Spring 2024! With only three places available; Book your discovery call.

I spent two beautiful weeks with Sam. Beyond learning so much about connecting and working with plants, life’s cycles and the art of slowing down, my time in Bayacas was the start of a healing journey that I will forever be so grateful for. Thank you Sam.




“Sam is a gentle guide who can skilfully take you on a journey to connect deeply with the natural world.”

Caroline Schofield – Eco-Psychology facilitator

Sam Lacey