The journey

Posted on: 27 April 2021

Early spring in Órgiva, Spain.

I have travelled over land and sea
Through vast mountain passes
And hidden woodland trails

Stones shifted
Brambles uprooted
In the landscape
Of my soul

A blackbird calls me into stillness
In silence I hear the song of my heart

Now, I can tell you where to find
The sweetest chestnuts in autumn
Or the first tender nettles In spring

Where sage survives the searing heat
And the towering pine army
March fearlessly
Down to the waters edge

I’ve scrambled between wild pomegranates for rosehips
And gathered driftwood as kindling
For the fire


In a place where they know the swing of my hips
And the smell of my untied hair


To a land of stories
Swallowed up long ago

Tasting the sweet nectar of belonging

Come, let’s dance our way home
To the place we all long for

Touched by the exquisite intimacy of life
Over and over

The journey

Sam Lacey